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Friday, May 7th

2pm-4pm EST
Price: $30

Hosted on Zoom via The Studio

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If one’s goal is to use the tools within the yoga practice to increase the fluency with which the connection between embodied and esoteric experiences can be woven together, pranayama is a treasure trove of techniques to unlock this potential. The breath work practice can facilitate a simultaneously more subtle and profound exploration of one’s own interior. Through the use of maps and imagery we have the ability to suss out the internal landscape and move into a felt sense of inhabiting the body imbued with the radiant light of consciousness and imagination.

In this workshop we will work with the glands. They are physical organs within the body, yet are so subtle that a healthy dose of imagination is required to tap into their felt sense. To this end we will employ the use of the Magic Square. First learning to ride the route on the breath through the whole body. Then breaking the route down to learn how to Magic Square each floor of the body, then the glands themselves. This practice will guide you progressively deeper into the felt sense of your interior while setting you in a stable and pliant seat, perfectly situated for a deeper experience of pranayama and meditation.

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