Workshops, Trainings, & More

with Abbie Galvin & Chase Connolly

Wednesdays: July 7th, July 14th, July 21st, July 28th


2-4pm EST

Price: $100 full program

($30 per session)

All hours bankable toward your Katonah Yoga® Certification.

All information and sign-up here!


Saturday, August 28th 12-3pm

Price: $120

3 Hours bankable toward your Katonah Yoga® Certification.

Enjoy the unique experience of studying and practicing in person, in an intimate group setting, allowing for plenty of personal attention and focus.

The use of the imagination is our best tool. Via the development of the imaginal space the practitioner can send the mind and the breath anywhere in the body, excavating areas of the corporeal previously untouched by consciousness. The ability to access the body more consciously situates the practitioner in their power. From there the use of archetypal maps can be employed to give the mind and breath similar containment to what the pose is giving the body.

In this intensive we will explore the use of breath practices through the asanas themselves using restorative poses, pranayama and maps to facilitate a more potent understanding of how to truly step into our role as the mediator of mind and breath. We will approach this through subtle pranayama techniques; riding the route of the magic square, developing the rooms of the house; cocooning the body in the wraps for rapture; finally finding ourselves situated in our center by virtue of traveling the terrain of our circumference. Expect to leave with a fresh outlook on techniques that you can employ when you find yourself jostled by the waves of life, becoming more resilient and buoyant each time.

 The program is limited to 15 students and all participants must be fully vaccinated in order to participate. Proof of vaccination must be provided via email to before entering the studio. Please book confidently, no refunds will be granted for any reason.



with Chase Connolly & Emily Tevald

at Boston Yoga Union

November 2021

More information coming soon!